Breaking Artists Australia

As well as looking at who’s getting the most adds on playlists across all the best playlists in Australia, I also take a deeper look at the biggest three playlists in the country to see which newer artists are making it onto the most influential lists out there.

I look at The Local List and New Music Friday AU & NZ (both by Spotify), and at triple J’s New Music Hitlist – all three have over 100k followers, and the last two have over 300k. To make it onto any of these lists is important for any act – even more so for newer acts.

I’ve set a fairly arbitrary ceiling of 50,000 monthly listeners and I look at how many artists with monthlies beneath that ceiling who are making it onto these mega-lists. It doesn’t matter if they get a slot for curated or editorial reasons, or because an algorithm says so – for an artist of that size to get a slot on these lists in any given week is pretty impressive, and is a decent signal that Spotify or Triple J are betting on them to go onto bigger things.

Making onto more than one of them is an even more powerful signal – and to make it onto three in one week is a bang-up jackpot for an act at that stage.

The charts below update each Tuesday, and show which breaking acts got what support those three major playlists over the previous week. One add is good, two is great, and three is downright bloody amazing.

These are the acts most worth keeping an eye on in the near future to make some bigger moves.

If you like this one, I also do a Most Playlisted Australia roundup, which looks at which artists – of all sizes – are making it onto the the most credible new music playlists in Australia.



The acts this week who got more than one slot across the three biggest playlists in Australia:


The acts this week who got at least one slot on any the three biggest playlists in Australia with monthlies of less than 10k (ie the newest artists making it onto the very biggest playlists).