Most Playlisted Australia

Every week my robots scour the most credible playlists in Australia to see who’s getting the most tastemaker support. Knowing who’s got a bazillion streams is fine and all, but if you want to know who’s firing up the critics’ synapses (or the algorithms’) then these are the artists to keep an eye out for.

This stuff is pretty dorky, but it’s usually pretty interesting to see how many newer artists make it onto the new music lists – they’re always worth watching carefully.

The charts below get updated every Sunday, as does the playlist I keep going – each week I add the top 10 (ish) most playlisted songs, and I keep the last four weeks top artists on there.

If you like this one, I also do a Breaking Artists Australia roundup, which looks at which newer artists are making it onto the very biggest playlists in Australia, and are most likely to blow up next.