🎟 Sydney Gig Guide

This isn’t a comprehensive list of gigs in Sydney, but it’s a decent place to start if you’re looking for live music.

It’s obviously really simple – it’s literally just a list, and it doesn’t include the very largest shows (you can go to your preferred ticket retailer for that).

It includes some of the larger rooms, but is mainly focussed on the smaller stages, the ones I habitually lurk at. It’s taken directly from the venue websites and the vast majority are gigs, but there are a few bits of comedy etc in there if the venue is multi-use.

Venues covered in the list above include the following (but be aware that they are reliant on the venues actually updating them!):

There are a bunch of other (really good!) venues who aren’t included though, because they mainly post their gigs either on Facebook Events or in another way that makes it aggravating to grab automatically. So, if you want to know what’s happening at…

…you’ll need to visit their listings direct via those links.

Meanwhile, if there’s a venue I haven’t included, let me know, I’ll try and add it in.

See you down the front.