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Gigs and good times shot on Sydney’s stages

I’m going to lose my mind at SXSW Sydney this year, it’s Disneyland for music dorks like me. In the leadup to it, I’m going to be obsessing over who’s playing and rounding up all the info I can find on it. During the event, I’ll be going to as many shows as humanly possible. All the stuff about SXSW Sydney 2023 that I come up with WILL LIVE here.

🔊 Tracks

There’s so much incredible new music every week by emerging, DIY, and independent artists in Australia, but these are my favourite five releases this week.

  • C.O.F.F.I.N – City Sun
    C.O.F.F.I.N – City Sun

    “Taken from their ‘Australia Stops’ album – sure to be an album of the year contender – we get the climax to this year’s roaring, savage set of releases from this powerhouse of a band. Never anything short of uncompromising mayhem, it’s a galaxy-level explosion of crackling noise and electricity ⚡️”

  • JACOTÉNE – I Need Therapy 2.4 (alt_demo)
    JACOTÉNE – I Need Therapy 2.4 (alt_demo)

    “This astonishing talent couldn’t be burning any brighter right now, a jaw-dropping, bewitching voice for the ages. Add that to madcap, stuttering drum lines and you end up with a sound casting a spell powerful enough to capture the heart, soul, and feet of anyone in range 🪄”

  • Brixton Alley – Truth Hurts
    Brixton Alley – Truth Hurts

    UK-born but Brisbane-based, Brixton Alley’s playful, giddy energy channels its roots but fits its new home like a glove. Another razor-edged cut from a band who always seem to have a story to tell, with the songwriting chops to back it up 🔪”

  • Lotte Gallagher – Adam
    Lotte Gallagher – Adam

    “Modern pop plus – of all things – a hint of post-punk turns into a driving, hypnotic track, a song that fascinates as much as it melts reality away around you. Enough pop to get you off the ground, but it’s the madder, twitchier elements that take it skywards 🚀”

  • Vetty Vials – Internet Feeds
    Vetty Vials – Internet Feeds

    “Punk in its core, but wearing a more pop-y face, this gem of a track charms and delights, as contemplative as it is danceable, a lament set to a soaring chorus. A welcome return for Vetty Vials, the sun coming out after a long, grey winter 🌞”

🚀 Making Noise

Based on the numbers, I find emerging artists who are picking up notable amounts of playlister support for their new music, and who are also growing their audiences at a rapid clip. These are the artists you want on your radar.

🗞️ Fanzine

🗞️ Fanzine

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Only brand-new tracks from the best artists in Australia, updated every Friday

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If new Australian music is your thing, I’ve put together a couple of guides to help you out.

🤖 Music Data

Who’s getting the most adds on the best playlists, who’s getting the most Spotify support on New Music Friday, and how new music playlists behave in Australia.

Most Playlisted

Who’s getting the most adds on the most credible new music playlists in Australia? My robots scour them every week to find out – discover who’s lighting up the tastemaker’s tastebuds here.

Playlist Map

If you *really* want to go down the rabbit hole, this is for you. Which playlists post the newest music by the newest artists? Find out here, plus which playlist to approach for support, and when.

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