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There’s so much incredible new music every week by emerging, DIY, and independent artists in Australia, but these are my favourite fives.

  • Alex Lahey – Good Time
    Alex Lahey – Good Time

    “Alex Lahey returns, taking a faint impression of Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do” and forcing it into this century. Lahey’s combo punch of laconic wit and fuck-it joie de vivre shines, another crazy-bright roadsign pointing directly to fun ๐Ÿชง”

  • GRXCE – Family Traditions
    GRXCE – Family Traditions

    โ€œThis is a more restrained, considered follow-up to their debut, but itโ€™s no less well-constructed and impressive. Thatโ€™s two from two for this new project, and they should be solidly on your ones-to-watch list for this year ๐Ÿ‘๏ธโ€

  • Gia Darcy – I’ll Never Drink Again
    Gia Darcy – I’ll Never Drink Again

    โ€œStaggering magnificently and clutching its head like it might fall off, Gia Darcy neatly captures one of the few experiences that unite every generation in one great big package of bop and bounce ๐Ÿฅดโ€

  • Sophisticated Dingo – With You
    Sophisticated Dingo – With You

    “Full and heavy Japandroids vibes on the Dingos’ latest, another blast of distortion and thumping rhythm sitting underneath a surprisingly delicate melody. Already an electrifying sound, this one’s pumped up until the sparks fly and the fires start โšก๏ธ”

  • Cable Ties – Perfect Client
    Cable Ties – Perfect Client

    “Such a pleasure to hear the unmistakeable, other-worldly yowl of a Cable Ties record. It’s been a while, but time sure hasn’t dulled the fearsome edge ๐Ÿ”ช”

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