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I maintain the most actively updated playlist in Australia 100% dedicated to emerging, independent, and DIY artists, with all tracks guaranteed brand new. Take a listen to the best new music in Oz here.

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My guide to the best new music playlists in Australia, the ones that focus on new music, that are committed to Australian acts, and which update regularly. Level up your listening here.


Who’s getting the most adds on the most credible new music playlists in Australia? My robots scour them every week to find out – discover who’s lighting up the tastemaker’s tastebuds here.


If you *really* want to go down the rabbit hole, this is for you. Which of the playlists I track post the newest music by the newest artists? Find out here, plus which playlist to approach for support, and when.


It doesn’t cover *every* venue in Sydney, but it’s a place to start if you’re looking for a show to go to. It doesn’t include the stadium shows, it’s mainly for the smaller gigs I prefer. Check it out here.

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