Screamfeeder @ Wayward’s, 9th Feb

Screamfeeder may be doing nothing new tonight, nothing that’ll break TikTok, but literally not one person here cares – this is an anti-fashion moment.

The room is full of people who genuinely want to be here, who know words and beats and back stories, and who are incapable of cynicism. The sound and – most importantly – the *memories* this band represents is what matters to this crowd.

This is one of those sets that best demonstrates why music matters so much. The people in the room, and every story you overhear from them, brim over with enthusiasm and good times and gigs attended or played. This band have been playing since the last millennium was in its death throes, and there’s something criminal in the idea that this level of experience makes them somehow irrelevant.

These songs – all 20-plus of them! – are vital and alive, weaving between merry fury and considered thought, a history of lives lived and emotions carried. It’s a glorious set and – for anyone with the wit to realise it – it’s yet another moment created by a band that already have countless numbers of them under their belt.


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