Just Announced: Therapy? To Bring Troublegum Back To Sydney

A razor-sharp edge amidst the blunt-force trauma of mid 1990s grunge, Therapy? celebrate the 30th anniversary release of their seminal Troublegum album with a series of Australian dates including a night at Sydney’s Metro Social on 21st Sep.

While much of the world was sewing itself into plaid shirts and screaming into the void, Therapy? took their noise-rock roots and focussed it into something far more honed.

By the time 1994 rolled around and Troublegum was released, they had sliced open a niche for themselves that combined raw power with absolute, vicious precision.

Time – especially measured over decades – has a habit of smoothing the edges off what, at the time, felt like getting hit by a machete. Take a listen to ‘Screamager’ or ‘Nowhere’ or ‘Femtex’ or ‘Knives’ or any of them today though and they still glint like bone saws, ready to slice off a limb.

If you were around at the time, Troublegum left scars that never really faded. If you were around at the time though, you’d not trade those scars for anything.

Therapy? play Metro Social on 21st Sep 2024