Making Noise

Making Noise: Blusher

Blusher have had a rocket-fuelled twelve months. Their first track upload was in February of 2022 but, over just the last year, a sequence of tracks has given them a sizeable boost in Spotify followers and seen them supported by just about every Australian new music playlist that matters.

Let’s look at that playlist support first, which – let’s not mess about – is bloody impressive. You’ve got your big lists in the shape of both Triple J’s New Music Hitlist and Spotify’s New Music Friday AU&NZ (multiple times!), you’ve got Spotify’s mid-sized evergreens in the shape of RADAR AU & NZ, The Local List, and Indie Arrivals, you’ve got The Guardian on there, and you’ve got some notable grassroots and indie support from the like of Pilerats and Purple Sneakers. That’s pretty comprehensive – the bottom line is that Blusher have not gone a single month without being on a notable playlist for a full year now.

Their Spotify following* is enjoying the benefits of this, adding around 4,000+ followers in twelve months, nearly quadrupling in size. For an artist that is essentially fresh out of the blocks that’s a hell of a year.

It’s not slowing either – their most recent release ‘Rave Angel‘ gained them the most playlist spots they’ve yet had for a single release, and over the year, their audience growth looks pretty consistent, with no signs yet of a plateau.


* I tend to use Spotify Followers as the key metric to watch, instead of Monthly Listeners or Popularity. Monthlies are great, but they can be messed up by an artist being a contributor or songwriter on another artist’s track, and (along with Popularity) can fluctuate pretty wildly. Followers implies a conscious choice of preference from a user, so for me is the strongest and steadiest signal of solid, ongoing audience support.

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