SXSW Sydney

Nearly 180 Artists Have Now Been Confirmed For SXSW Sydney 2023

SXSW Sydney have added another twenty or so acts to their debut Music lineup, leaving the total now at just short of 180 a month out.

The full list is up on the official SXSW Sydney Music website – based on their comms so far, there’s still a ways to go until the lineup is complete, with around 300 expected to make up the final list. New additions include Taj Ralph and Radio Free Alice from Australia, Dear Jane from Hong Kong, and Songer from the UK.

Chance The Rapper was also recently announced as a keynote speaker, but there’s no confirmation of a performance yet (y e t).

The official site’s the main source, but if you want to get artist details, you need to click into each entry on – if you want to filter the artists list by country a bit more easily, then you can use the tool I built below. That’ll also tell you how many Spotify followers they have and give you a link to their profile.

If it’s not showing nicely for you, you can use these standalone versions for desktop or for mobile.

(Also, there may be more artists in the dashboard below than mentioned in the post above. If so, it’s because new artists have been added since the post was published. The dashboard is right more often than the post!)