Bloody Legend – Turn Up The Heat

โ€œBloody Legend may sound bloody funny, but their hard rock lark is no joke, taking its source material deadly seriously. From its screamer-filled opening to every swipe of an *epic* snare, it bangs its head and raises its horned hands to the sky. And so, friends, will you ๐Ÿค˜โ€


Bloody Legend @ Frankie’s, 13th Nov

“Bloody Legend play their collective first show ever tonight, at the always outrageous and ever outstanding Freakflag event at Frankieโ€™s. This furnace-hot blast of hair-rock is not pastiche, or even homage, this is pure worship – a true offering to the gods of shred. As so often on this most sacred of Sydneyโ€™s rock ground, […]