Making Noise

Making Noise: Miss Kaninna

If you want to see what a fast start looks like, look no further than Miss Kaninna. Her first two uploads have exploded out of the blocks, gaining both playlister support and picking up audience at a rapid clip.

Miss Kaninna’s Spotify debut ‘Blak Britney‘, blew right out of the gates in May of this year and landed straight onto some of the most coveted new music lists in the country. It’s not just the quantity of playlist support (although that’s impressive enough for a debut artist), it’s the breadth – most notably, how both Spotify and Triple J have dived in headfirst.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s weirdly infrequent that both Spotify and Triple J back the same emerging artist – more often, a newer artist will make it onto either New Music Friday AU & NZ, but not Triple J’s New Music Hitlist (or vice versa). These are the two biggest Australian new music playlists, and to make it onto both of them, at the same time, with a debut track, is really, really rare.

To do it twice in a row is damn near unheard of, but with her second track ‘Pinnacle Bitch‘, that’s exactly what happened, alongside bagging support from The Guardian and Purple Sneakers among others.

Meanwhile, listeners have been piling in as well. From a standing start in May, Miss Kaninna’s Spotify followers have rocketed up to 2.3k followers – that’s super-fast audience growth, and a month past the latest release, is still on the up.

All this, and only two songs in! If you’re interested in who’ll be getting a lot bigger in 2024, bets don’t come much safer than this.


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