Making Noise

Making Noise: Old Mervs

Old Mervs have been on a tear now for nearly two years, with each release gaining both serious support and building more and more audience along the way. Last week saw them release their woozy track “Hey“, and the support certainly isn’t slipping – and their follower growth doesn’t look like it’s slowing at all either.

That’s some super-consistent growth, fuelled by some powerful backing by the most influential new playlists in Australia.

In the last twelve months, the support’s come thick, fast, and consistently – what’s notable is that both Spotify and Triple J have repeatedly added tracks to their flagship new music playlists (New Music Friday AU & NZ, and triple J’s New Music Hitlist respectively). This doesn’t always happen, and the fact they’ve had that solid backing indicates strong belief in the work from those two heavyweights.

While that support’s been out there, their follower growth has been remarkably consistent too, up 85% in just the last year, breaking through the 10k barrier to take them to over 16k today. It doesn’t seem like it’s been slowing or plateauing either, raising the possibility that there’s plenty of headroom left.

While they’ve clearly already broken out of the earliest stage of their growth, Old Mervs’ consistent backing and audience growth suggests to me they’re not done yet, and the next 12 months could see them start to grow into something a bit special.


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