Making Noise

Making Noise: Teenage Dads

It’s likely you’re already well aware of Teenage Dads, but the level of support they’ve enjoyed this year is truly exceptional, and their audience has grown fast alongside it.

Let’s look at how well they’ve been supported first, because it stands out like a great big throbbing sore thumb.

My usual refrain is that Spotify and Triple J (owners of the largest new Australian music playlists) don’t always agree – it isn’t often that an artist, particularly one that’s still growing, appears on both New Music Friday AU & NZ, and Triple J’s New Music Hitlist for the same release. No idea why, but it’s true.

Teenage Dads though, have managed to do this five times in the last twelve months. Five! That level of support is rare and it’s across the board – alongside indie playlisters like the Australian Music Scene and Pilerats (and, er, me), they also have basically been on heavyweight playlists like Local Noise and The Local List pretty much week in, week out, for a year (literally 45 out of 52 weeks!).

Audience growth has been relentless too – just look at that chart, an absolutely unbroken streak of Spotify follower* growth, adding over ten thousand followers in twelve months. From a base of 16k at the end of last year, Teenage Dads are going into next year knocking on the door of 30k.

I tend to mostly look at artists where the data suggests they’ll get bigger in the future – in Teenage Dads’ case though, with that rate of growth behind them, this is probably more a case of ‘even’ bigger.


* I tend to use Spotify Followers as the key metric to watch, instead of Monthly Listeners or Popularity. Monthlies are great, but they can be messed up by an artist being a contributor or songwriter on another artist’s track, and (along with Popularity), can move about a lot. Followers implies a conscious choice of preference from a user, so for me is the strongest signal of solid, ongoing audience support.

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