Making Noise

Making Noise: The Terrys

The Terrys‘ latest track ‘No Bad Days‘ proved a hit with playlisters this week, getting the most adds across the best new music playlists in Australia. That popularity with critics though is matched with some rapid, steady growth in audience too, making them a red-hot tip for 2024.

The Terry’s critic support has been strong all year, with each release gaining notable backing across both independent and major playlisters, from indies like Tuna Tuesday and Pilerats (and, y’know, me), to robust backing across both Spotify and Triple J‘s new music lists. I constantly bang on about it, but it’s weirdly uncommon for a less-established artist to get spots on both New Music Friday AU & NZ and Triple J’s New Music Hitlist, but The Terrys have managed to do it on three out of their latest four releases.

The simulataneous audience growth is worth noting too. A 55% increase in Spotify followers is a year is not to be sniffed at, especially when it blew them past the 20k mark at a remarkably steady clip over the period. If you look further back, that growth rate has been solid for two years – since this time in 2021, they’ve almost quadrupled their following.

They’re not done for this cycle either – their second album will be out in February, and it’s a sure bet that’ll see another round of support, helping that audience to keep on growing. If they don’t appear on literally everyone’s 2024 New Year watchlists, then someone just ain’t watching the numbers.


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