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Most Playlisted: The Terrys

The Terrys tickled the fancies of the most playlisters this week, with their new track ‘No Bad Days’ getting spots on nearly half the lists I track.

Most Playlisted This Week

🥇The Terrys

🥈Molly Millington

🥉Dear Seattle, Gut Health, Mitch Santiago, Thelma Plum

Molly Millington did particularly well too, with tracks from the excellent ‘5 Stages’ EP gaining widespread support. 

Elsewhere, Thelma Plum bagged the sort of support you’d expect for an artist of that size, but it was great to see Dear Seattle and Mitch Santiago keeping pace.

Story Of The Week though goes to Gut Health, whose latest track ‘Juvenile Retention’ snagged strong support than some far more established artists. 

The image above is a screenshot of the top end of the full lists. You can see this week’s lists here – those are updated on Mondays and allow you to scroll down the whole list. That page also details a bit more about how the whole thing works and what the charts mean.

You can also listen to the most playlisted tracks on, er, a playlist that I keep updated here. This has got the latest 50-ish most playlisted tracks from the last month or so on it, and it’s a decent spin through recent tracks that Australian new music playlisters are adding. The playlists that I track are the same as the ones listed in the Playlist Guide.