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Most Playlisted: Arno Faraji, Jade Imagine

Arno Faraji’s “Black Sunday” banger topped the list this week, the most added track and artist across the best new music playlists in Australia. That track snuck in even ahead of the mighty Ocean Alley, who got the sort of support you’d expect for “Home”, and also just ahead of These New South Whales, whose brilliant “Rotten Sun” also appeared absolutely all over the place.

🥇Arno Faraji

🥈Ocean Alley, These New South Whales

🥉 DICE, Jade Imagine, Sampa The Great, Young Franco

The fast-growing (and excellent) DICE, and club-favourite producer/DJ Young Franco both got bags of support too for their new tracks, while the always-awesome Sampa The Great stayed near the top of the list after topping it last week with more adds for tracks from her album.

It was a great week for newer acts though, and it was Melbourne three-piece Jade Imagine who land the Story Of The Week, with their brilliant new track “Instinct That I Wanna Know” getting as much or more support than some far more established acts.

📸 Arno Faraji by @brendancphoto

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You can also listen to the most playlisted tracks on, er, a playlist that I keep updated here. This has got the latest 50-ish most playlisted tracks from the last month or so on it, and it’s a decent spin through recent tracks that Australian new music playlisters are adding. The playlists that I track are the same as the ones listed in the Playlist Guide.