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Most Playlisted: Elizabeth, Jet City Sports Club

It’s tough to figure out who did the best this week – Elizabeth’s latest single “Sweet Connection” made the top of the list by being the most-added single track, but multiple tracks from the outstanding albums by Thelma Plum, King Stingray and WAAX were also a top choice for Australian new music playlisters. Banoffee’s “Angel Girl” was also a mad strong runner this week. 


🥈Banoffee, Jet City Sports Club, King Stingray, Thelma Plum


I’m giving the gold to Elizabeth on the basis that it’s a great track and I just feel like it, but those acts all triggered a riot of support this week off the back of a bag full of standout tracks.

Story of the week is a lot easier though, with Jet City Sports Club’s brilliant new track “Green Thumb” bounding into the top end of the list, putting this sparkling act right up there alongside (and ahead of) some way more established acts. A pleasure to see, and damn right too.

📸 Elizabeth by @ldvphoto

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