Bloods @ The Marly Bar, 28th Jul


“I’ve been shooting Bloods since their first ever headline show, so it’s like coming home when you see them, especially in their natural Newtown habitat. They are launching the Up At The Marly night tonight, and we get a wicked-ripping mix of old thumpers, newer favourites, and brand-new stuff too. We also get the largest amount of fuck-ups I think I’ve ever seen in a set. Although about two in five songs got restarted, it’s still charming and funny and worth the wait. The veteran “Goodnight” still clatters along like a derailed train, “Into My Arms” is still a hurricane of fun, and “Bodies” remains a razor-edged favourite. Tonight though, the new stuff – of which there is plenty – really shines. Of the four or so new nuggets, there’s one about “bug eyes”, that just blows up in the chorus, and despite only hearing it for the first time, feels familiar by the end. Next single, please. They’re not new to this by now, but – despite the comedy bloopers – it’s a damn pleasure to see them again. Best of all, with the new stuff, there’s something to look forward to for next time as well.”