The Underground Stereo: The Belafontes, Ghost College, Hideous Sun Demon, Baby Shower

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of. Listen to them all on the playlist.

The Belafontes – 8 Bit Town

At a shade over two minutes long The Belafontes may not hang around, but it packs in enough danceable indie pop to last you well past lunchtime. Singing in the shower, dancing on your own, miming along into a hairbrush – this is one of those pure blasts of loopy that’s guaranteed to brighten any day.

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Ghost College – Apartment

I mean sure, you take your inspiration from what’s around you. But, it takes something a bit sharp to turn lines like “I’m going down the shops to get myself some things” into something that gets bloody close to an anthemic call to arms. With a title like “Apartment”, this should – by rights – be a synth act experimenting with how boring and fabricated music can be. Instead, we get David Gedge fronting Superchunk, a kitchen-sink play with a soundtrack to blow the ceiling off the theatre. A belting debut – much, much more, please.

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Hideous Sun Demon – Gimmicks

Sounding like they have nothing to lose, Gimmicks gradually push harder on the accelerator here until the world blurs into one massive streak of shouting and chaos. The sound of losing tempers, reaching the end of tethers, and running fresh out of patience.

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Baby Shower – Everything Sucks And It’s Everyone’s Fault But Mine

Baby Shower’s first release sounds like someone repeatedly smashing you in the back of the head with one of those rubber mallets you use to put tent pegs into the ground. I mean that in the nicest possible way – it’s hypnotic, it’s pounding, it’s got one of the finest “AWOOOOO”s committed to record, and it’s a bloody great debut all round.

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