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Most Playlisted: VV Pete

VV Pete‘s latest track “Jordan 1s” – a collab with UTILITY – was the most added track across the best Australian new music playlists this week, appearing on over a third of the playlists I track.

Most Playlisted This Week

🥇VV Pete


🥉Aodhan, BLESSED, Gretta Ray, Jack River, The Teskey Brothers

GUM’s latest was only a nose behind though, with “Race To The Air” getting strong support across both major and independent lists.

Elsewhere, The Teskey Brothers and Jack River were as popular as ever with the playlisters, while Gretta Ray, and BLESSED also performed really strongly.

Technically, VV Pete should also win Story Of The Week, give how strongly that track performed against some way bigger artists, but it’s worth pointing out how strongly Aodhan did this week, with his tracks also appearing more often than some pretty major players. 

📸 VV Pete by @dayvisheyne

The image above is a screenshot of the top end of the full lists. You can see this week’s lists here – those are updated on Mondays and allow you to scroll down the whole list. That page also details a bit more about how the whole thing works and what the charts mean.

You can also listen to the most playlisted tracks on, er, a playlist that I keep updated here. This has got the latest 50-ish most playlisted tracks from the last month or so on it, and it’s a decent spin through recent tracks that Australian new music playlisters are adding. The playlists that I track are the same as the ones listed in the Playlist Guide.