The Underground Stereo: PSTCRDS, Pure Milk, CLYPSO ft Raave Tapes, Primo!

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve not got round to seeing live yet.

PSTCRDS – Change & Grow

Its intentions are announced in the ready-steady-go of the opening chords, before blasting off into a high-speed run through three-ish minutes of roaring, harmonised guitar explosions. Roiling, cathartic, expansive stuff.

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Pure Milk – Conversations

I love it when bands pull off this kind of head-fake to simplicity while masking some serious brainpower. Keeping it strictly clean and simple, this little beauty manages to sound stripped back and lightly fun – it’s only later, when you find yourself humming it over and over, that you realise you’ve been well and truly had.

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CLYPSO ft Raave Tapes – Down To The Wire

What a natty little outfit this is – well-appointed pop with a grin so wide you can see what it had for breakfast, plus a spring in its step fit to lift it into the sky. Huge, huge fun.

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Primo! – The Present

Primo! are the Macgyvers of music, able to rattle up a effective song using nothing but pieces of string and some bottle-caps. It might sound like it was recorded using rubber-bands and played through the drum of a washing machine, but each time they release a track (this is off their “Sogni” album) I find myself excited to hear them. I’ve said it before but it applies here too – it’s not the size of the band in the song, it’s the size of the song in the band.

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