The Underground Stereo: RVG, Nat Vazer, Beddy Rays, NOCON

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of. Listen to them all on the playlist.

RVG – Little Sharkie & the White Pointer Sisters

WIth a string of absolute crackers behind them, RVG move onto releasing their ‘Feral’ album. This little wonder pops up early on, a glorious mix sitting somewhere between Pulp and The Psychedelic Furs. A hair over two and a half minutes long, it’s a buoyant little jaunt – hints of darkness creep in at the edges of the frame, but it’s a picture that easily holds the gaze.

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Nat Vazer – For A Moment

Nat Vazer’s songwriting has a smoothness, a confidence, that acts like a deep well of gravity to pull you in. This latest chugs and bounces and thrums, while that thoughtful, smartly considered vocal adds a depth that’s way too easy to get lost in. Super-easy on the ears, but a sweatier workout for the mind.

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Beddy Rays – Sobercoaster

Beddy Rays’ latest immediately grabs you by the shoulders and point-blank refuses to let go until you start dancing along. It’s instantly likeable, it’s highly carbonated, and it’s probably really bad for your teeth – but bloody hell, you’re going back for seconds, no doubt.

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NOCON debut by letting a darkly glowering beastie out from its box, where nightmare-fuel guitar lines squeal behind wonky rhythms, and where the vocals sound like Satan’s own PA announcer. It’s inventive, it’s waaay off the beaten track, and it’s vaguely disturbing. Lovely.

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