The Underground Stereo: Voiid, Georgia Maq, Nat Vazer, Floodlights

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve somehow not got round to seeing live yet.

Voiid – Sour

Making it onto just about every single “new Australian music” playlist in the last week, one listen confirms why. There are few more acts out there as challenging in their story-telling, as confrontational, and as righteously angered. The sheer level of vitriol in this song, wrapped up in some head-noddingly raw grunge, is quickly identifiable as one of the year’s more significant tracks. Fearsome.

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Georgia Maq – Cold Summer

In time of panic and mayhem, there’s something deeply comforting about Georgia Maq’s acoustic melancholy. The strings behind the strumming add ballast to her signature vocal, lyrical, and emotional heft. While the world loses its head, let this be your soundtrack to a quieter moment.

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Nat Vazer – Grateful

Another eruption of indignation and contempt, this seems to be made up of many, many songs all competing for space in the one track. It opens with PJ Harvey levels of stomping and sneering, but somewhere around halfway through you suddenly realise it’s the same song but it’s gone all early Radiohead. It’s strange in many ways, but it’s easy to hold its simmering stare the whole way through.

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Floodlights – Matter Of Time

Somewhere between dolewave and pub rock, shoulders bulging out from under its vest, this is a lovely mix of the near-delicate guitar lines and the roughneck stomp of the rhythms and the vocals. You want to dance with it, you want to have a beer with it, you want to play it in a game of backyard cricket.

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