Fanzine #08 | Oct 23

October was a HUGE month for the city more generally this year, with the inaugural version of SXSW Sydney blowing up on a million stages. It was a wild time too and so this month, I’ve included photos from every one of the fifty shows I caught across the week. To celebrate it being the first year – and just because I like the photo – I even did one shot I got (of Teenage Joans) in colour for the front cover. Featuring the likes of Barkaa, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, Phoebe Go, Ben Lee, Inkabee & FLEWNT, Battlesnake, Teenage Dads, Adam Newling, Jem Cassar-Daley, Skegss and TONS more, it was a giant celebration of some of the very best next-big-thing music around.

SXSW wasn’t the only thing happening though – October also saw shows from the likes of FVNERAL, Lady Lazarus, and Kicked-In Bickie Tin to keep the month fizzing throughout.

As if the shows weren’t enough, there were some killer new releases too, with JACOTÉNE, ENOLA, Raging Hormones, 3%, and The Sweaty Bettys soundtracking a hell of a month for new music.

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