Most Playlisted

Most Playlisted: Alex Lahey, Big Scary, Elizabeth M. Drummond

It was a tough run at the top of the list this week, with Alex Lahey, Big Scary, and Elizabeth M. Drummond all sharing top honours.

🥇Alex Lahey, Big Scary, Elizabeth M. Drummond

🥈Julia Jacklin

🥉 KANADA THE LOOP, Lola Scott, Royel Otis, Vetta Borne

For me, Alex Lahey wins the race this week because a) she’s brilliant, and b) because “Congratulations” bagged the most adds for a single track.

Big Scary also made it to the top of the pile though, and did so via the remarkable achievement of getting TWO tracks – “Real Love and “Goodbye Earl Street” onto a ton of lists. Don’t think I’ve seen that before, certainly not this year – that’s pretty bonkers support.

Julia Jacklin damn near made it to the top of the list for a second week running, and Royel Otis’s tracks continue to do well, while new ones from KANADA THE LOOP, Lola Scott, and Vetta Borne all bagged decent square footage on the lists.

The Story Of The Week though is quite patently Elizabeth M. Drummond, whose new one “I Tried” made it onto more  playlists than nearly anyone else, tying for first spot with Alex Lahey and Big Scary. That’s a hell of an achievement for a relatively new project (even if she did used to be in Little May), and a big sign of the level of backing this artist is earning.

📸 Alex Lahey by me

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