Down For Tomorrow – Survive

Yeah, I know – everyone’s writing a COVID number, right? This one stands out though – while it’s another absolute head-thumper and full to the brim of DFT’s signature massive song, every single ingredient here is of a band just screaming out for help. Taken from their ‘Whatever Happens’ EP the opening lyric is smart and funny, but quietly desperate, while the song itself sounds like it’s trying to smash down the walls of its own lockdown brick by brick. As artists continue to struggle – Support Act have seen a 52% increase in calls to its helpline, a higher increase than the population at large – this is a track that doesn’t just serve to record a moment in the pandemic canon, nor does it merely serve to blow the back of your bloody skull off as a piece of music. This is the sound of Australia’s exhausted artists begging the rest of us – please – to just be heard.