The Underground Stereo: Flossy, Del-Slackers, Kuluz, Timi Temple

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of. Listen to them all on the playlist.

Flossy – The Mess You Made

In the first thirty seconds, the opening chaos of feedback and thunderous drums suddenly resolve into guitars set to high-beam and I’m hooked. Out there somewhere right now is the asshat who made the mistake of wronging Flossy, and now has this song as their just dessert. Still and all, for all the repeated ragged stabs to the throat that the lyrics deliver, the music soars and swoops through blue skies, wings pounding in an elegant dismissal of anyone who might keep them on the ground.

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Kuluz – 100 Crates

If you know me at all you know I have absolutely NOTHING useful to contribute about hip-hop. However, those of you know me will – regrettably – also know I have a LOT to contribute on the subject of booze. This bouncing, slightly wild-eyed spin through a lot of stories about drinking is excellent fun – the beats rumble along in the backgorund like ice cubes in a glass, while the synths sound absolutely shitfaced. The lines in here are impressively dense and rapid, but the obvious joy with which Kuluz talks about having a drink in his hand is the sign of a damn connoisseur. Mine’s a large one, cheers.

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Del-Slackers – Want Ya

Del-Slackers’ debut barrels and stumbles around like it’s happily drunk and on stilts, in that way that only Australian guitar bands who live near beaches can achieve. Clearly graduates of the Hockey Dad School Of Fun And Games, this is a high-energy statement of intent that burrows into your mind like a weevil. Looking forward to more, for sure.

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Timi Temple – Fa-Fa-Fading

Rifling through the White Stripes drawers for stomping and guitar lines, Timi Temple adds a sparkly daftness to the form that too often suffers from taking itself too seriously. Sure, you might come for the Jack White vibe – but you’ll stay for the pathos and the warm, self-deprecating humour that is Timi Temple’s alone.

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