The Underground Stereo: Press Club, SoSo, Big Nasty, Loose Fit

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve somehow not got round to seeing live yet.

Press Club – Insecurities

As reliable as the sun coming up, new Press Club tracks are always worth the time. There’s a very specific ‘Press Club’ set of melodies and moves, and every single one of them are blasted out into the atmosphere here in such quantities here as to ground air travel for a week. Magnificently restless.

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SoSo – The Henry Lawson Jive

Every part of this twin-turbo shot of high-octane is sharpened to a mean edge, every note a jab of steel to your soft and squishy parts. You’ve heard it done before, but you’ve rarely heard it done this well. Wheeeee! Again! Again!

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Big Nasty – Glitch

After the Nintendo-metal mania of their debut, this follow up is an absolute bloody menace, a malicious little gremlin intent on biting a chunk or two out of your leg for no reason other than pure spite. If you could make sharp, glinting teeth into a song, it’d turn out like this. Then, after just over two mintues of applied violence, it’s gone and leaves you bleeding and going into shock. I *really* want to see this band live.

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Loose Fit – Black Water

Committed to keeping music weird, Loose Fit’s latest is as claustrophobically raw as ever. Post-punk at its core, it’s nagging and insistent and you can’t get rid of the damn thing. It’s a wasp of a tune, and the harder you try and deal with it, the more likely it is that it’s going to hurt.

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