Toogla – Bubblegum

I’m absolutely not going to be the one to pronounce something so old-fashioned as a ‘scene’, but it is worth noting that in the last month we’ve had Brendan Maclean’s ‘Gemini’, we’ve had Sarah Cherlin’s ‘Small Machines‘, and now we’ve got Toogla’s ‘Bubblegum’. All three are stage-quality musical numbers masquerading as instant pop classics, and all three are uplifting as all hell, the sort of thing to change up a mood and increase the heart rate. Toogla’s contribution to this collection is a bit twitchier and a lot more mad, reminiscent of the Robbie Williams you wish Robbie Williams had been, sharp and funny and full of mischief. This isn’t just a great and bonkers record in its own right, it seems as if it has company going down this path. By God, I hope that’s true – this is the sort of song that can cure what ails you. More please, from all directions.