Andrew Gurruwiwi Band – Yaa Djamarrkuแธปi

โ€œThis one goes straight to the feet and the spine. Sung in language learned from endless elders and played with a joy you can damn near touch, few songs will hit as deeply as this, or as instantly, or as directly to the core of your brain as this magical little wonder. A hit of inhibition-free dancing straight to the blood, music for its sheer and visceral pleasure, a spell you just canโ€™t escape ๐Ÿช„โ€

Shows SXSW Sydney

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band @ Rolling Stone Courtyard, SXSW Sydney, 20th Oct

“Andrew Gurruwiwi Bandโ€™s blasts the air, the rich and deep sound of experience and enthusiasm, country and chorus. Shoulders are twitch, feet are moved, and souls are filled all the way to the brim.” Gallery