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Most Playlisted: The Terrys, Julia Jacklin

A clear winner this week, with The Terrys’ new track ‘Situation 99’ bouncing onto over a third of the best new music playlists in Australia. They’ve been on a tear this year, growing with each release – great to see.

🥇The Terrys

🥈Julia Jacklin

🥉 Aodhan, Jesswar, Ninajirachi, Pacific Avenue, Phoebe Go

Julia Jacklin came in hot on The Terrys’ heels though, with ‘Be Careful With Yourself’ and a couple of other tracks from her Pre Pleasure album getting the sort of support you’d expect and she deserves.

Elsewhere, Aodhan, Jesswar, and Ninajirachi all got solid backing for their latest releases, as did Pacific Avenue, for their cracking new one ‘Leaving For London’.

Story Of The Week though goes to Phoebe Go, who barrelled into the top end of the list with her new one ‘Hey’. While the project is still in its early stages, this artist has been one of the fastest-growing acts of the year, and with this sort of support should definitely be on your one-to-watch list.

📸 The Terrys by @jordan__coles

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You can also listen to the most playlisted tracks on, er, a playlist that I keep updated here. This has got the latest 50-ish most playlisted tracks from the last month or so on it, and it’s a decent spin through recent tracks that Australian new music playlisters are adding. The playlists that I track are the same as the ones listed in the Playlist Guide.