The Underground Stereo: Ducey Muncs, Lincoln’s Gold, Excuse For An Exit, Hannah Cameron, The Letter String Quartet, Loons, Alex Andra, Choosing Sides

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve not got round to seeing live yet.

Ducey Muncs – Stuck at Rabbits House

While the world collapses inwards on itself, this is the sort of track to make you want to look outwards again. Outwards to your friends, inwards to yourself, sideways to those who matter to you and upwards to the stars. Absolutely bloody lovely, from top to bottom and side to side. I can’t recommend this track enough.

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The Letter String Quartet – Same But Swallowed

Not a metaphor or a cutesy name, The Letter String Quartet are an *actual* string quartet, but one that makes music that sounds like Bjork and Kate Bush and other assorted oddballs all smushed together. Plucks and swoops and percussive rhythms compose themselves into strange curved shapes, while Marita Dyson’s delight of a vocal flits around the room like a tiny bird. Just when you thought music couldn’t surprise you anymore, this slice of wonder pops up and says boo. Astonishing.

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Loons – Want Me

Huh, so *that’s* what Hockey Dad would sound like with a full band. Also, so much guitar it’s rich in vitamin C.

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Lincoln’s Gold – Going Out West

Ferocious and grimy, this song doesn’t sound filthy, it reeks of a venue floor. Makes you want to roll around in it and never wash again.

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Excuse For An Exit – Two Hearts

Leaps out the traps like a monkey from a box, and barely stops to draw breath for a pithy three and half minutes of airborne guitars and frenetic hair-waving. Thoroughly cathartic, and an explosion of cardiac stimulation.

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Hannah Cameron – Backsliding

Trip-hoppy beats rattle and brush behind the wobbliest bass noise I’ve ever heard at the start of this track, but it’s all just backdrop to Hannah Cameron’s joy of a vocal. It’s not just smoky and evocative, it skulks and lurks and sounds like it’s up to something that will end badly for you. By time the psychedelic strings waft in during the final third, you’re absolutely bloody paranoid she might be standing behind you with a knife.

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Alex Andra – Not the Beginning

If this was any bigger it would have to duck to get through doors and have its shoes made special.

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Choosing Sides – Breakfast

A wonky, stompy slice of Franz Ferdinand-y sideways guitar shapes. Slightly batty, adorable.

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