The Underground Stereo: Seathru, OK Hotel, Grasshole, Bakers Eddy

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve somehow not got round to seeing live yet.

Seathru – Bedsheets

This debut is so absurdly strong it’s enough to make me down tools and call it quits. It starts brilliantly enough with the innocent, crunchy swing of a ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, but then builds into a confident & sunny banger that would stand comfortably alongside of any of today’s current crop of guitar-wielders. This, ladies and germs, is how you make an entrance.

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OK Hotel – Swim

OK Hotel smash into the world with a first track that veers between that metallic, jerky verse you love so much into the sort of explosive chorus that you can’t live without. A humdinger of a first lap by any measure – just out of the blocks but already leaving more than a few other bands in their wake.

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Grasshole – Put Me In A Bubble

Opening with a blast of savage guitar tone inherited from early Sabbath, this rapidly ups the tempo into QOTSA-approved peals of thunder and squalling. At just over two minutes, it’s short and sharp and the more effective for it. Not the usual stoner marathon, this is a hard sprint – head down, teeth bared, and blood pounding.

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Bakers Eddy – T-Shirt

High-octane and full-throated, Bakers Eddy’s latest is locked into high gear. It’s sleek and it’s fast, but it’s so intentional in how it pushes your buttons, it knows *precisely* how to light you up. It makes your calves twitch just thinking about how much you’ll be jumping around to it later.

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