Bakers Eddy @ Wayward’s, 9th Jun

“Holy sweating foreheads! Bakers Eddy have no gear slower than foot-to-the-floor, even when they try. This is the sort of set you just bloody *need*, a blast and a jolt and a burst of joy and fun and to hell with it all. In the dictionary under “pleasure” there should just be a recording of […]


The Underground Stereo: Seathru, OK Hotel, Grasshole, Bakers Eddy

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve somehow not got round to seeing live yet. Seathru – Bedsheets This debut is so absurdly strong it’s enough to make me down tools and call it quits. It starts brilliantly enough with the innocent, crunchy swing of a ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, […]