The Underground Stereo: Semantics, The Rockefeller Frequency, The Lizards, Grenade Jumper

An occasional roundup of tracks I can’t get enough of, by bands I’ve somehow not got round to seeing live yet.

Semantics – SDE

You know that bit in Breeders’ “Cannonball” when the guitars do that muted string thing just before it explodes into the chorus? Semantics do that here, but at like nine times the speed – it makes you wonder why no-one did it before. Pure, unadulterated, anthemic guitar fun for twitchy lunatics just like you. An absolutely bloody brilliant track.

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The Rockefeller Frequency – Rivals

This has got such a savage razor’s edge that just listening to it leaves you dripping in blood. The pinpoint precision in the rhythm accompanies freshly whetted guitars… and then, holy cow, there’s that laser-powered vocal. When the lyrical subject is made of such vicious and irrepressible anger too, it’s like a bar fight in a black hole – not only are you going to get battered and bruised, but you’re not getting out either.

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The Lizards – Saved by the Bell

Aw hell yeah! This is the sort of unsafe-at-any-speed punk fun that yanks me back to the heady days of Zoinks! or any other band that decided to show those pop-punk pretenders what playing at speed *really* means. Hold on bloody tight, kids – you fall off, you’re losing skin for sure.

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Grenade Jumper – Heat Wave

Exquisitely crafted, Grenade Jumper (great name!) build this one into some massive rock shapes with some improbably widdlesome and arpeggiate guitars. Throw up them hands, flick on those lighters, and totally lose your shit.

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